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There are loads of reasons why you might consider joining the BAFTS UK network. The benefits are diverse and are widely based around 3 main ideas: INSPIRATION — BAFTS membership means that you can hear and learn from the expertise and stories of other experienced shop owners, suppliers and spokespeople for Fair Trade at our Annual Conference and through our fortnightly members Newsletter. The Annual Conference also provides the chance to exhibit your products on a stall and draw inspiration from informative workshops on various topics—from how to use social media to manufacturing with innovative materials and the importance of developing long-lasting relationships with producers—all with the aim of growing your business and strengthening the impact of Fair Trade retail in the UK. COMMUNITY — Being a member of BAFTS means being part of a community of around 120 shops and suppliers who share a commitment to Fair Trade practice in the running of their businesses. BAFTS also offers opportunities to meet other people passionate about Fair Trade—whether it be through our social media platforms, at Trade Shows or at our Annual Conference—and to share ideas and resources to help strengthen a collaborative and community-driven approach to retail. BAFTS suppliers are also sometimes in a position to offer benefits to other members, such as lower minimum orders, special promotions and discounts. ACCOUNTABILITY — BAFTS offers a structure of peer-to-peer accountability, which means that all members must show ongoing commitment to the WFTO’s 10 Principles of Fair Trade in the day-to-day running of their business. This way, UK-based shops and suppliers who adhere to Fair Trade practices can have their commitment to Fair Trade recognised and be a part of the wider Fair Trade movement and community.


There are three types of BAFTS membership:

  • Full membership – for shops, direct sourcing retailers and suppliers
  • Friend of BAFTS – for individuals and non trading groups
  • Friend of BAFTS – for retailers who sell <60% fair trade but who support fair trade


Within this category there are 3 types of membership:

  • Shop members are retailers who source at least 60% of their stock from certified fair trade sources. The following certifications are recognised: Fairtrade (FLO), goods sourced from suppliers who are members of WFTO or BAFTS, goods approved by Goodweave, Fair For Life and from members of WFTO network members

  • Supplier members source their products directly from producers in the majority world. Their business practices are governed by the Ten Principles of Fair Trade, as established by the WFTO.

  • Direct Sourcing Retailers sell only to the general public but they import some or all of the goods they sell from the majority world.

Fees for full membership: we want membership to be as accessible as possible to all businesses that are committed to fair trade. Our membership fees are linked to turnover and start at just £50 per annum.

If you are interested in becoming a member, download the application form and, once completed, return it to Members are approved via a process of peer review, so your application will be passed on to our new applications panel. They will contact you to discuss any issues that may have been raised while reviewing your application.

Throughout your membership, you will be asked to complete a new form on a bi-annual basis, to demonstrate ongoing improvements in your support for producers.


We are keen to connect with the huge network of fair trade supporters and campaigning groups around the country and invite you to become a Friend of BAFTS. In exchange you’ll receive the BAFTS monthly newsletter, discounts from some of our shop members and you’ll know you are supporting local fair trade shops and businesses, and helping promote the work of fair trade producers around the world.

We welcome Friends who are based in the UK and you can apply as an individual or a non-trading group (like Fairtrade Towns groups).

What benefits can Friends of BAFTS expect?

  • Discounted rates for BAFTS’ annual conference

  • Discounts and offers from BAFTS shop members

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Being part of a vibrant fair trade and ethical community

  • Use of Friends of BAFTS’ logo on their website

The fee for Friends of BAFTS membership is £20 per year payable by standing order. Click here to download details of how to become a Friend of BAFTS.


For organisations which retail Fair Trade goods alongside other products, have a strong commitment to Fair Trade and share the BAFTS’ ethos, but are unable to reach the required percentage of Fair Trade sales for full membership due to the nature and structure of their business.

What benefits can Friends of BAFTS expect?

  • Use of Friends of BAFTS’ logo on their website, stationery and premises
  • Use of Friends of BAFTS’ logo on packaging of any products developed exclusively with a BAFTS member for their organisation.
  • Discounted rates for BAFTS’ annual conference
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Being part of a vibrant fair trade and ethical community

To be eligible for Friends of BAFTS status, organisations must currently buy from at least three BAFTS or WFTO suppliers. In addition, organisations are expected to show a commitment to Fair Trade by undertaking to increase their BAFTS or WFTO suppliers.

To apply for Friends of BAFTS membership, the organisation must complete the Friends of BAFTS application form, which will include the name of two BAFTS supplier members who have agreed to support their application and to provide references. The form and references will then be considered by the BAFTS Board.

A brief renewal form will be completed each year to demonstrate the organisation’s ongoing commitment to fair trade.

The fee for Friends of BAFTS membership is based on the organisation’s turnover, as follows:

> £500,000 : £250
£250,000 - £499,999 : £150
£100,000 - £249,999 : £100
< £99,000 : £50

Click here to download an application form.