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    BAFTS Fair Trade Network UK is a network of independent shops and suppliers dedicated to promoting Fair Trade retail in the UK. BAFTS provides a structure of accountability to its members who adhere to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade as set out by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). BAFTS works with UK-based independent shops and suppliers who partner with disadvantaged producer groups. BAFTS offers a way that they can have their commitment to Fair Trade recognised and be a part of the wider Fair Trade movement and community. Membership is determined by peer-to-peer assessment which takes place annually and ensures that members can provide evidence of their fulfilment of the 10 Principles of Fair Trade.
    In 1994, Aileen Garden, then Manager of Gateway World Shop, attended a meeting of European World Shops in Maastricht, the aim of which was to consider setting up an international association. Most European countries already had a World Shops’ Association and the UK was an exception. Amid great enthusiasm, NEWS (the Network of European World Shops) was established. Inspired, and fuelled by all this enthusiasm, Aileen came home and organised a conference for all the fair trade shops in the UK with whom she had any contact. The response was huge and a year later, BAFTS was formed, a membership organisation for shops selling fairly traded handicrafts. 25 years have passed since Aileen went to Maastricht and BAFTS has grown to a community of over 100 members. We now incorporate organisations that sell fairly traded goods on both a wholesale and retail basis. All our members are committed to the 10 principles of Fair Trade and to bringing about positive societal change in the communities where they work. Our name and logo are becoming more widely known and respected around the UK.
    The BAFTS’ Board is made up of both shop and supplier members who, together, offer a diverse range of experience, skills and backgrounds. Our quarterly meetings are animated and often challenging as we grapple with the issues facing our movement both internally and externally. We welcome enquiries from BAFTS members who are interested in joining the Board to continue our growth and development as a national membership organisation. The roles are largely voluntary. Meet our current Board Members HERE.
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